Built by the owners of the Champions Riding School, Factory Motorcycle Training is a perfect solution for any business or organization looking for world-class motorcycle vehicle dynamics training for their staff, customers, or VIP’s. This B2B solution is completely customizable in staffing, pricing, curriculum, and location: you can come to us or we can come to you!

Our client list includes major motorcycle manufacturers, electronics R&D divisions, suspension design teams, the United States Marine Corps, and law enforcement agencies from across the country. We help companies understand and utilize riding best practices to improve the safety of their members, develop the next generation of motorcycle technology, and provide real-world feedback on projects.


Our training curriculum is founded on a single priority: best practices. We teach the techniques, mindsets, and approaches of the best riders in the world, so that when the pace goes up or the grip goes down – when everything matters – any rider, on any bike is ready.

Whether you are a motorcycle manufacturer, looking to provide safer ways for potential customers to test your motorcycles, a police department looking to provide high-speed training for your officers, or an R&D team looking to better understand rider input thresholds, we’re here to help.


Over the last ten years, we have worked with numerous Law Enforcement agencies across the United States to create safer, faster motor officers.

While most motor officers are incredibly skilled at low-speed maneuvers, the departments we work with saw increased risk and injury in high-speed pursuits and convoy escort operations. In 2017, we created a program for the Las Vegas Metro Police Department to increase officer safety and ability – and they’ve come back every year since! We’ve expanded the program, and currently work with agencies at the local, state, and federal levels across the country.

In the early 2010s, the USMC sent representatives to every motorcycle school in the United States to create a new rider safety course for the Corps. They chose us to put together a course for the Marines, who at the time were dying more often on motorcycles than in combat. The training program we created has significantly changed those statistics, and our ability to tailor our curriculum to the language of their organization meant the lessons were easily picked up and put into use.


Based on the success of our work with Harley-Davidson, Red Rock Harley-Davidson in Las Vegas has contracted us for two different programs: clinics for students that graduated their beginner rider classes but haven’t purchased a bike yet, and instructing their annual “Bagger School” for their staff and customers at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. These programs have translated into customer loyalty, increased sales, and riding longevity.

Aprilia builds extremely high performance motorcycles – we help them develop the customers to match.

While designing their bikes to be more street-friendly to the average user, they work with us to help their customers develop the skills required to truly take advantage of the hardware. By developing the skills of clients, staff, and potential clients, Aprilia was able to better demonstrate the capabilities of their hardware and convert potential clients into lifelong customers.


Harley-Davidson has been sending their engineers and test riders to us for 15 years. What started as a request to make their touring bikes better has turned into a longstanding relationship to help improve their products while creating safer, more precise riders in the engineering sections of the company.

For several years, Bosch has sent their Engineering Group to us for training. Because of their products, the engineers and test riders must ride near or over the edge of grip to truly find the engagement thresholds for ABS, Traction Control, and other technology. Our training allows these riders to flirt with the edge of grip and more precisely tune the safety features of modern motorcycles.


Zero sent their engineers and motorcycle designers to us for on-bike, at-speed training. Their goal was to consolidate and verify the opinions of their testers and designers while offering a quantifiable way to determine whether the bike or the rider was responsible for the feedback.

Showa engineers work with a wide variety of OE (Original Equipment) manufacturers in a vital aspect of motorcycling: suspension. They came to us because rider input has such a direct effect on spring and damping rates; how braking, steering, and accelerating forces are inputted by the rider is what ChampSchool focuses on, and this focus helps Showa engineers and test riders do a better job.

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