Join us Monday August 26 and Tuesday August 27, at The Ridge in Shelton Washington for the Ducati REVS Northwest Experience.

 As one of the most interesting race tracks in the country, the Ridge features a fantastic mix of elevation, camber, and a variety of different corners.

Leading you through this gorgeous track is our hand-picked team of professional instructors: Nick Ienatsch, Chris Peris, Cody Wyman, Stefano Mesa, Michael Henao, Robertino Petri, Eziah Davis, Hunter Dunham — and Ducati Factory Racers Josh Herrin and others!

Ducati is a brand of passion, born on the racetrack and currently dominating professional racing worldwide.

All Ducati products share this racing DNA, and the racetrack is the only place to safely explore the capabilities of these amazing machines. Everyone has the desire to try their motorcycle on a racetrack, but getting on track can be intimidating and expensive. Ducati and your Northwest Ducati dealers – MotoCorsa, SoSo Cycles, Ducati Richmond, and Ducati Redmond – would like to give you an amazing motorcycle track experience with world class instruction from world class instructors at an affordable price, regardless of your riding experience.

The Ducati REVS Northwest Experience is a full two-day school, designed to be inclusive no matter where you are in your riding journey: all riders of all skill levels are welcome.

The Ducati REVS Northwest Experience is a full-day experience both days, running between 8am and 5pm. We use the standard three group format: 20-minute rotations between track, paddock, and classroom. The entire event will be catered with breakfast and lunch each day, while Ducati North America provides dinner on the first night. Each participant will receive a t-shirt and there will be Ducati demo opportunities throughout the event.

Come ride with us. 



Techniques and Principles

Trail-braking and mid-corner stops

Visual habits

Champions’ approaches to consistency

Traction studies

Tire and suspension loading

Steering-geometry adjustability

Mental focus tips

Track changes that mimic the real world

Rear-brake drills

Rider-adjustment drills.

Day 1 Curriculum

Core Champions Habits 

Grip/ Traction 

Radius = MPH 

Mental Focus 



Braking Drill 


Pointy End of the Cone 

Day 2 Curriculum

Types of Corners

Types of Riders

Fork Travel

Rear Brake

Pointy End of the Cone

Open Lapping

Mini Drills

Champions Laps


Group 1: Casual Group. Taught at an 8:1 ratio, the Casual Group is for brand new track riders, track riders with less than five track days’ worth of experience, or casual track day participants. Any street-legal motorcycle is welcome, with no requirements for safety wires, taped lights, or other modifications. The only technical requirement is that the motorcycle must be in perfect working condition with nothing leaking, nothing falling off, good tires and good brakes. Full track safety gear (leathers) is required.

Group 2: Experienced Group. The Experienced Group is for experienced track-day riders with traditionally prepared track-day motorcycles from any brand. At an 8:1  student-to-instructor ratio, the Experienced Group will feature 20-minute on-track sessions with some of the fastest instructors in the country, followed by 20-minute classroom sessions.

Group 3: Exclusive Group. The Exclusive Group is for experienced track riders who want a little more personal coaching from professional racers and factory Ducati riders. Limited to just 6 students per instructor, the Exclusive Group will feature 20-minute on-track sessions with some of the fastest instructors in the country, followed by 20-minute classroom sessions.

Thanks to your Ducati Northwest Dealers, the cost for the Casual Group and Experienced Group is only $995.95 for both days. The Exclusive Group is $1195 for both days. Do not miss this unique opportunity to get on track with world-class instruction. All groups are limited to (30) people, so sign up early. It will sell out.


During Checkout, don’t forget to enter your code from your Northwest Ducati Dealer in the coupon field!